Granite Worktops In Nottingham
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Granite Worktops Nottingham

Granite is probably the most popular stone used for kitchen worktops, due to its performance and versatility. It is one of the hardest and strongest materials in nature, originating from earth’s core as liquid magma.

Extreme heat and pressure forged quartz, feldspar and other minerals into a very dense structure millions of years ago. Over time, additional heat and pressure resulted in a myriad of captivating colour combinations and patterns.

Granite's natural ability to resist constant abuse is remarkable; hence it’s broad usage for kitchen worktops. Although granite worktops are almost impossible to scratch during every day, ordinary use, we recommend that our customers refrain from cutting foods directly on the surface itself, helping to maintain its luxurious, glossy surface.

Extreme heat applied directly to granite worktops could burn and leave an etched surface, which is why we recommend the use of trivets.

Stains from most common food and drinks are usually not a problem for the majority of granite kitchen worktops; though proper cleaning is required after the preparation of food.

The use of corrosive liquids such as bleach is not advised under any circumstances.

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